January 24, 2017
London, UK

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NEW LOCATION: Renaissance Waverly Hotel, Atlanta GA

NEW LOCATION: Renaissance Waverly Hotel, Atlanta GA


Theme: Minimizing Shipping Risk  What Levers to Pull to Achieve Financial Benefits

Minimizing costs in shipping is achieved in part by minimizing risk. Mitigating risk and securing the lowest possible insurance costs,in turn, is accomplished by successfully achieving a high standard of safety, seamanship competency, cyber defense and internal corruption controls.

Minimizing risk and reaping the financial benefits requires the attention and focus of senior management. But when Moore Stephens reported recently that 20% of survey respondents report that managers only get involved if risks materialise, that 10% show only passing interest in risk management, and 1% have no involvement at all, it is clear that there is unrealized upside for shipowners through more proactive focus on managing risk on all its manifestations.The objective of this forum is to provide shipowners with comprehensive, big-picture guidance on strategy to achieve best in class risk mitigation within their organizations.