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Executive Briefing: Sanctions, Tariffs, and Potential Pitfalls

Wednesday, 27 April

11:15 am - 11:45 am (CST) / 27/apr/2022 04:15 pm - 27/apr/2022 04:45 pm
Sanctions and compliance burdens, often poorly understood by logistics service providers, can be a potential minefield for the breakbulk logistics supply chain. While the coordinated rounds of sanctions against Russia are top of mind and must be managed with care, these aren’t the only pitfalls in compliance and sanctions that breakbulk importers and exporters are likely to run across, according to Elizabeth Lowe, an attorney focused on international trade and logistics. The costs and complications of non-compliance, for example with newly ramped-up enforcements on goods made with forced labor, can be extremely high. Tariffs also continue to create supply chain headaches and costs, but recent developments and upcoming regulatory deadlines could offer opportunities for change. This executive briefing with Lowe, followed by a Q&A session, will help clarify these complex issues.
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