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  • 25-27 April 2022 | #Breakbulk22
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"Next Normal" Contracting: Project Logistics Contracting in a Rapidly Evolving Market

Tuesday, 26 April

3:40 pm - 4:25 pm (CST) / 26/apr/2022 08:40 pm - 26/apr/2022 09:25 pm
Project logistics contracting is changing rapidly as the industry navigates one of the most unpredictable, disrupted breakbulk shipping markets ever seen. How should shippers manage to contract in a period of scarce tonnage, volatile rates, and COVID-related schedule disruptions? Beyond these topics, new complications seem to be entering the picture almost daily: from meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements and measuring carbon emissions accurately and transparently, to managing war risk and meeting digitalization and cyber resilience needs, it's more important than ever that nothing be taken for granted. Led by John Hark, regional director at Bertling North Americas and an adjunct professor at Texas A&M Galveston, this panel of project logistics executives will tackle contracting questions from the shipper, forwarder, and carrier points of view in this timely roundtable session. 
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