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  • 25-26 May 2021 | #Breakbulk21
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Alex Klaessig

IHS Markit

Director, Power and Renewables

Alex Klaessig, Director, IHS Markit Power and Renewables, specializes in understanding how environmental constraints affect energy production, with a focus on power generation. Mr. Klaessig is responsible for analysis of regulations affecting the power sector and is a contributor to the IHS Markit North American Gas and Power Scenarios. Prior to joining IHS Energy, Mr. Klaessig was an analyst at Abt Associates, a US government consultancy. His work focused on modeling the economic impact of proposed rulemakings and identifying potential noncompliance with air, water, or waste regulations. He also worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency as a project manager for the Office of Environmental Information. Mr. Klaessig holds a BS from the University of Delaware and an MPP from American University.

Sessions With Alex Klaessig

Tuesday, 25 May

  • 04:15pm - 04:35pm (EST) / 25/may/2021 08:15 pm - 25/may/2021 08:35 pm

    General Session

    Hydrogen at Scale: Greening the Gigawatts

    Hydrogen is expected to play a critical role in decarbonizing the global energy mix. It can be used to store renewably-generated energy, addressing intermittency issues; it can be transported in existing pipeline networks; as a fuel, it can decarbonize transportation, heating, and industrial energy generation. Today, hydrogen is primarily produced using fossil fuels and used as an industrial feedstock. But, driven by falling costs and post-COVID recovery plans that incorporate decarbonization, plans to adopt hydrogen as an energy source and carrier on a global scale are driving more than 23 gigawatts of planned "green" hydrogen projects — i.e., hydrogen produced using renewable energy — through 2030. Spending on these projects is expected to top $1 billion annually by 2023. Many challenges to developing green hydrogen on this massive scale remain, however. In this important session, Alex Klaessig, director of gas, power, and energy futures at IHS Markit, will discuss this key component of the energy transition and the implications for the project cargo pipeline and project logistics.