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  • 25-26 May 2021 | #Breakbulk21
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Eric Johnson

IHS Markit

Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade

Eric Johnson is the JOC's Senior Editor, Technology, where he leads coverage and analysis of technology’s impact on global logistics and trade. Johnson regularly reports on how shippers, carriers across all modes, and logistics companies use software, as well as new concepts impacting core freight transportation processes like procurement, execution, visibility, and payment. Johnson is a regular presenter and moderator at industry events and webinars. Prior to joining the JOC in May 2018, Johnson spent 13 years with American Shipper in a variety of roles, most recently covering logistics technology and leading the production of a series of benchmark studies on the logistics industry. Johnson has a bachelor’s in journalism from the University of Wisconsin and a master’s in international business from the University of Leeds, UK. He has lived and worked in Southern California, the UK, and India, and now resides in the Washington, D.C., area.

Sessions With Eric Johnson

Tuesday, 25 May

  • 03:40pm - 04:10pm (EST) / 25/may/2021 07:40 pm - 25/may/2021 08:10 pm

    General Session

    Project Logistics Digitization: All, Some, or Just a Smidge?

    Supply chain visibility can be a rare commodity in the breakbulk sector. The nature of most breakbulk transportation — i.e., changing and/or unpredictable cargo types, volumes, and voyages — and its smaller scale relative to container shipping make it a challenging market to digitize. On the container shipping side, technology providers compete to handle everything from mode-specific container or surface cargo tracking to overall supply chain management with visibility thrown in as a value-added service. Such tech offerings are much sparser for breakbulk, however. This session will explore platforms that tackle all or part of the project cargo logistics supply chain and weigh their costs vs. benefits.

Wednesday, 26 May

  • 01:40pm - 02:00pm (EST) / 26/may/2021 05:40 pm - 26/may/2021 06:00 pm

    General Session

    Digging Up Energy: How Long Will the Green Mining Boom Last?

    Prices for "green" metals such as lithium, cobalt, and bellwether copper are booming because decarbonizing the energy mix means building wind, solar, and battery-based energy systems that rely on these metals. New tech is "moving the needle," according to IHS Markit mining and minerals experts, as the energy transition changes the global mined commodities mix and incentivizes mine construction and expansion, often in remote or geopolitically tricky areas. Mining is a mainstay source of breakbulk cargo volumes. This session will analyze the minerals and regions where growth is expected, and how long the "energy minerals" boom is likely to last.