• April 19-21, 2023 | Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Louisiana
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Kattya Lorena Distefano

DHL Global Forwarding

Business Development Manager, Industrial Projects

Kattya Distefano is currently Business Development Manager for DHL Industrial Projects focusing on the Energy and EPC business sector. She was born in Mexico City and immigrated with her parents to the United States at the age of 5.

Her career focus for the past 15 years has been in International Sales, Business Development and Customer Relationship Management. She has experience working in the fields of Oil and Gas, Power, Energy, Renewables, Heavy Transportation, Fabrication, and International Logistics. Her main motto is "It takes years to build a customer and seconds to lose one". Take care of those who take care of you! She looks forward to working with you whether it’s a business connection or consideration of the company she represents.

Kattya originally was an Art Major from the Art Institute of Houston but when she discovered the world of project logistics, she decided to take a career turn and hasn’t looked back since.

In her leisure time, Kattya enjoys spending time with her family, collecting art, traveling the world, and assisting in charity events for disabled veterans and is also an animal rights activist and involved in her community to mentoring young men and women that want to start a career in the logistics industry. 

Sessions With Kattya Lorena Distefano

Thursday, 20 April

  • 10:00am - 10:45am (CST) / 20/apr/2023 03:00 pm - 20/apr/2023 03:45 pm

    Whose Market Is It Now? Understanding Market Trends and Risk

    The ocean freight market of the last two years starkly revealed the vulnerabilities of the global supply chain. Many project shippers, accustomed to nearly on-demand container transportation services while also holding the upper-hand in the multipurpose market, suddenly found themselves struggling to secure the space and sailings needed in 2021 and 2022, regardless of price. So, whose market are we in now? Is the pendulum swinging back toward the pre-pandemic status quo, and is it safe for shippers to bet that the market will normalize, whatever that means in 2023? Shippers must assess and mitigate the risks involved as they seek to grapple with market capacity, vessel availability, cost-vs.-price dynamics, booking lead times, and all the other factors necessary to secure the right ship and right schedule at the right price. Miscalculating current and future markets and developing trends place shippers at risk of overpaying for services, paying for service levels they don't need, unnecessarily accepting unfavorable terms and conditions, or not being able to secure services when and where needed. This panel of industry professionals, led by well-respected, long-term project logistics expert Dennis Mottola, will offer their views on current and near-term multipurpose/heavy-lift market trends. It also will discuss many of the inputs required to evaluate market conditions and arrive at informed carrier-selection decisions that enable positive outcomes.