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  • 25-26 May 2021 | #Breakbulk21
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Kurt E. Thomsen

Esbjerg Drydocks IVS

CEO and Owner

Kurt Thomsen is CEO and Owner, Esbjerg Drydocks IVS, based in Esbjerg, Denmark. Kurt has an unmatched depth of experience in offshore wind development and installation. Over an almost-40-year career, he has worked in every aspect of wind energy, from designing installation vessels to managing and executing offshore wind farms to writing what some call "the bible of offshore wind farms," the book Offshore Wind: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Offshore Wind Farm Installation.

Sessions With Kurt E. Thomsen

Wednesday, 26 May

  • 03:35pm - 04:15pm (EST) / 26/may/2021 07:35 pm - 26/may/2021 08:15 pm

    General Session

    A Mighty Offshore Wind: What a Wind Energy Boom Would Mean for Project Logistics

    For wind developers, equipment manufacturers, and project logistics service providers, news that the Biden administration will push the United States' nascent offshore wind energy industry to install 30 gigawatts by 2030 means an already-thriving industry segment is set to boom. With this commitment, the US joins a massive global drive to build out offshore wind. However, offshore logistics are highly specialized and strongly affected by regulations such as the Jones Act. Enthusiasm is high, but can everyone participate? During this session, experts in this specialized sector will examine the focused logistics scope and significant barriers to entry that characterize offshore wind project logistics, particularly in the US.