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Adam Robinson

The Robinson Agency

CEO and Founder

Adam Robinson is CEO of The Robinson Agency, a full-scale marketing agency that gets logistics & supply chain companies more brand awareness & inbound leads.

Growth-minded companies serving the supply chain industry are challenged to create awareness, generate leads, and convert leads into sales at scale. The Robinson Agency builds revenue operation engines that show provable results. Adam is passionate about the quest to make supply chains as high functioning, collaborative, waste-free, and productive as possible in an altruistic endeavor to maximize human capital. Adam and the Robinson Agency work at the intersection of sales, marketing, and product, giving the company a unique opportunity to build a community around a platform that meets our passions & mission of hyper-efficiency at scale. 

Sessions With Adam Robinson

Wednesday, 28 September

  • 01:35pm - 02:15pm (CST) / 28/sep/2022 06:35 pm - 28/sep/2022 07:15 pm

    Trucking V: Connecting the Middle and Last Mile

    Retailers are expanding last-mile options based on speed and location. But, to provide such options, linking the middle mile to the last mile is critical. Visibility into the middle mile is necessary for retailers to quickly position the right inventory to the right warehouse or fulfillment location in order to meet customer’s expectations. Retailers are optimizing their networks to address faster fulfillment and last-mile requirements and are also implementing technology to understand and utilize data to better position inventories closer to customers. Among the key takeaways in this session will be understanding the relationship between the middle and the last mile, what types of technologies are needed to achieve success, and what success looks like.