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Dean Croke

DAT Freight & Analytics

Principal Analyst

Prior to joining DAT Solutions, Dean was Chief Insight Officer at FreightWaves where he led the freight market intelligence team of Market Experts. Prior to that he was Vice President of Data Products at Spireon where he helped develop new telematics data products in the trucking, passenger automotive and insurance markets. Dean also ran Lancer’s long-haul truck insurance business after spending many years as Vice President of Omnitracs Analytics (formerly Qualcomm) where he developed Data Science technologies including machine learning, complex business rules engines and data analytics for transportation companies.

Croke was one of the original founders of Atlanta-based FleetRisk Advisors (purchased by Qualcomm and now called now Omnitracs Analytics) and has 35 years of experience in data analytics, transportation, supply chain management, mining and insurance risk management. Originally from a family-owned and operated trucking business in Australia, Dean is still actively involved in the trucking business and having completed nearly 2 million miles in Australia as a long-distance truck driver, Croke also owns a 379 Peterbilt show truck known as “The Grumpy Pete” and still holds a U.S. Commercial Driver License(CDL) making him uniquely experienced in the field of data science, supply chain management, risk management and human performance.

Prior to FleetRisk Advisors Croke worked at Lancer Insurance in New York City in 2003 where he developed the widely acclaimed “Risk Never Sleeps” sleep management program for commercial drivers” – a unique approach to managing sleep as opposed to fatigue. Croke has held a number of senior positions at Boston-based Circadian Technologies Inc., global insurer Allianz, regional insurer OAMPS, and was also General Manager of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) where he played a key role in the development of the TruckSafe and Fatigue Management Program – both alternative compliance programs which have been evidenced in the FMCSA’s recent “Beyond Compliance” initiative. 

Sessions With Dean Croke

Tuesday, 27 September

  • 08:45am - 09:30am (CST) / 27/sep/2022 01:45 pm - 27/sep/2022 02:30 pm

    North American Freight Outlook

    The highest rate of inflation in four decades is driving more uncertainty into the US economy, threatening its recovery from the 2020 recession. The odds of another recession are still low, but they’re higher than they were, and global events continue to pile on more supply chain disruption. This panel of experts, supported by a wealth of data, will look deeply into what’s driving the US economy, freight demand, transportation capacity, and pricing as we look to 2023.