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  • 26-28 September 2022 | The Westin Chicago North River
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Guillermo Garcia


CEO and Co-Founder

Guillermo co-founded SmartHop to improve the livelihood of millions of hard-working truckers and bring sustainable financial freedom to trucking families across the United States. Originally from Venezuela, an entrepreneur at heart, he founded a trucking company and built it to about 500 employees. He then came to the United States where, after completing a program at Columbia University, Guillermo started a local LTL trucking company in Miami, FL, which he grew steadily into an FTL over-the-road-operation with more than 40 trucks in total. Running a small fleet, Guillermo noticed the disadvantages owner operators and small companies face in their daily operations, and he quickly realized that he wanted to help others with the tools and resources which, as a carrier, he didn’t have.

At SmartHop, he leads the organization towards its goal of leveling the playing field in the trucking industry for hardworking independent owner operators and small carriers.

Sessions With Guillermo Garcia

Wednesday, 28 September

  • 10:45am - 11:30am (CST) / 28/sep/2022 03:45 pm - 28/sep/2022 04:30 pm

    Tech III: Empowering the Long Tail of Truckload Carriers

    It’s a cliché at this point, but the US truckload market is highly fragmented and utterly reliant on small fleets and independent drivers. As demand exploded in 2021, that only attracted more small carriers to the market. But as the market softens in 2022, there’s a looming question: Will this year be different, and what role will a cohort of technology providers focused on the long tail of truckload carriers play in making these small carriers more viable? These vendors not only enable small carriers to make their back office, dispatching, and customer-facing operations more efficient, but they also bring structure and visibility to small carriers, ultimately enabling shippers to get access to more capacity. In this session, a trio of technology providers for small carriers will discuss how this will shake out in 2022 and beyond.