October 22 - 24, 2018
Oak Brook, IL

Defining the Conference

The JOC Inland Distribution Conference serves shippers and transportation providers who move goods within North America and from North American ports to the inland destination.

These shippers use an increasingly complex network of transportation and logistics services, from drayage to last-mile delivery.

The goods may arrive in an ocean container or airplane, but they often shift to a domestic rail container, tractor-trailer, or delivery van. They move across borders, to and from Canada, Mexico, and the US.

As the goods are transferred from mode to mode, they move through warehouses near ports and airports to inland distribution centers to local fulfillment centers, traveling increasingly complex and time-sensitive routes and changing custody multiple times.

The program will connect the dots between the international supply chain and the North American supply chain. The event will cover the impact that traditional international issues such as coastal port congestion, import-export volumes, and international policy and trends have on shippers moving their goods to inland hubs.
The program also will analyze the increasingly difficult challenges North American shippers face, especially rising transportation rates and shortages of truck capacity.

The goal of the JOC Inland Distribution Conference is to provide shippers with a comprehensive understanding of the major challenges they face when moving freight within North America. These shippers can be importers, exporters, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, or energy and agribusiness companies. The shippers' transportation vendors — ports, drayage operators, over-the-road trucking, intermodal rail, warehousing, and third-party logistics companies — face these same challenges, which will serve as the core of the two-day program and include:

The capacity crush: The impact of the electronic logging mandate and strong economic growth is creating the tightest trucking market in more than a decade, and there's little relief in sight.

It's not just trucking. Chassis and other equipment is in short supply at major inland markets such as Memphis, Dallas, and Atlanta, and disruption around Chicago, the United States' largest inland hub, is a constant.

Technology and visibility. Shippers lose track of their cargo at numerous points in the supply chain. Technology providers and forwarders are stepping up with new solutions, but what is viable and at what cost?

The e-commerce revolution. Omnichannel supply chains, same-day delivery, and the last mile is a battle shippers are waging on a daily basis in a highly competitive market that is determining the fate of many retailers.

The conference will identify solutions to these challenges that will help meet supply chain goals. The program also will emphasize the role emerging technologies can play in meeting those challenges. In addition to the conference program, the event will provide attendees with multiple opportunities to engage with their peers and discuss solutions.



What's New

The 2018 JOC Inland Distribution Conference is returning to its roots in the Chicago area, the nation's largest inland hub and the North American inland freight capital.

The October date will ensure that the event is ahead of the busiest of the peak shipping season for trucking and intermodal rail operators, logistics providers and shippers.

There will be a renewed focus on supply chain technology — including the event's first JOC Innovation Jam featuring presentations of solutions to today's most pressing shipper pain points. These presentations will be evaluated by a panel of shippers in a "Shark Tank" environment.

The conference also will include an Inland Market Report with intimate Think Tank discussions about the specific issues, challenges, and potential solutions at major US inland hubs such as Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, and Atlanta.



What's Continuing

Leadership Panel: Insights from senior executives in the trucking, ports/terminals, 3PL, industrial real estate and intermodal rail industries.

Shipper-based Case Studies focusing on supply chain issues and solutions.

TED-style talks.



Why we think people should attend JOC Inland instead of other conferences...

EXPERTISE: The JOC's event program development is led by an unmatched team of subject matter expert journalists and is unique in the North American market. That team brings an independent, unbiased, and shipper-focused view of the market through its daily reporting for JOC.com, analytical content in The Journal of Commerce magazine, and live events such as the JOC Inland Distribution Conference across a full range of the global and North American supply chain.

RELATIONSHIPS: JOC Events programs are able to attract high-level speakers based on relationships developed over years of daily discussion and face-to-face meetings. We can also deliver an unmatched breadth and depth of content, including market analysis, shipper-led Case Studies, TED Talk-style speeches, and deep-dive think tanks. These Think Tanks will examine five inland hubs wrestling with specific supply chain challenges that shippers must navigate and solve.

SOLUTIONS: Challenges across the North American supply chain are severe and shippers are looking for solutions. We will discuss current capacity issues in trucking, rail, and warehousing resulting from a combination of regulatory initiatives and strong freight demand as well as the pressure retailers face from the e-commerce revolution.