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Michelle Taylor

Taylor Logistics


I’m Michelle, the CEO of Taylor Logistics – or as we like to call it, TayLog.

My initial focus when starting my own business was to finally run a logistics company the way I feel it should be done. Little did I know it would become much more than that. I used everything that I have learned over the years from any business I had ever worked in and took both the positives and the negatives from each (the things I learned how to do and not do) and created not just a company, but a culture. A family. And for me, that is one of the very best and most unique things about our company. Without the support of my entire staff believing in me and encouraging me through the entire process of building this company, there would be no Taylor Logistics.

When I’m not wearing my ‘CEO hat’ I’m a proud mom of two very smart, crazy little boys, an avid volunteer for several local non-profit organizations, and probably one of the most annoying bosses you could ever have. I am definitely a button-pusher and always finding new ways to drive my team crazy! I also enjoy learning new things and am forever taking on something new to keep my mind active and always learning – My plate is never too full.

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