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Ronald Hildebrandt

Trident Seafoods

Vice President, Global Logistics

Ronald Hildebrandt is vice president of global logistics for Trident Seafoods, the largest seafood processor in the United States — producing more than 900 million pounds of seafood annually — and among the top 125 US export shippers. Trident Seafoods Logistics is responsible for more than 400 million pounds of product in storage in over 300 worldwide locations, with over 80 million pounds of product in transit at any one time. A native of Tacoma, Washington, Hildebrandt grew up in the transportation industry; at the end of World War II, his father came to work in the Tacoma tide-flats as a truck driver. Hildebrandt’s entire professional career has been in the food industry but includes time as a volunteer fireman, EMT, and town mayor. He holds an MBA from Walden University and a BBA from Washington State University. 

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