March 04 - 07, 2018
Long Beach, California



• Ad Material (if applicable): E-mail to no later than Friday, January 19th.
• Company Listing: E-mail to no later than Friday, January 19th.
• Company Logo: Please confirm ASAP (Only silver & above will be displayed on the front screen).
• Return shipping Instructions and pre-paid shipping label (if applicable).




Please refer to your sponsorship contract for the applicable benefits that apply. Please also note:




• One (1) bag insert is allowed per company (IF APPLICABLE) This is subject to approval by a TPM conference representative.

• If a Session Sponsor, you are allowed to distribute one (1) item before the start of the session or in the attendee bag. This is subject to approval by a TPM conference representative.

• Please notify Sheraer Abrahams at and Phoebe Zhou at with what you plan to send & the quantity no later than Friday, February 16th.




• It is your responsibility to arrange shipment of your sponsored items to and from venue.

• Items cannot arrive earlier than Friday, February 23th.

• We cannot guarantee inclusion into the conference bags if shipments are received after 12PM PST on Thursday, March 1st.

• Courier and Tracking information must be sent to Sheraer Abrahams at and Phoebe Zhou at to ensure sponsored handouts reach their destination in a timely manner.

• Please make sure information is addressed properly on all parcels shipped. If duty or custom fees are required upon signature by the hotel, these will be charged back to your company.




Hyatt Regency Long Beach
200 South Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802 USA
Attention: Timothy Wai, Event Planning Manager

Company Name:

Table Top __ Bag Insert __ Session Drop __ (Please check all that apply)

Hold For: TPM Conference 2018
Storage Notes: Please deliver to Shoreline AB

Please include your company name (LOGO IF POSSIBLE), on-site contact person and number of boxes (e.g. 1 of 3) on the label.



ATTENDEE LIST (If applicable)

Sponsors who receive the attendee list pre show will receive this weekly starting January 15th.




This will be 3 to 5 minutes in length and taped on Monday, March 5th - Wednesday March 7th during the conference. The interviews will be moderated by Alessandra Barrett, Senior Content Editor, and will be hosted on for one (1) year and emailed to TPM attendees. In February, Alessandra Barrett will contact the company executive to discuss interview topics and interview time during the TPM Conference. Per this document and information provided, as a sponsoring company, we the sponsoring company, hereby agree to allow JOC Events / The Journal of Commerce to record and post audio/video footage from TPM Conference 2018.