March 04 - 07, 2018
Long Beach, California

Race Day FAQ

Provided by Race organizer Randy Smith


▶ What should I wear?

• Depending on time of year, shorts and T-Shirt are great (long pants if it will be cooler or if you are cold blooded).

• A lightweight jacket or fleece top is also good.

• Athletic or Boating shoes are a must.

• Hat and Sunglasses are recommended.


▶ What should I bring?

• If you need to bring a small bag or backpack, that is fine. Make sure it is a bag that zips up. If you like to travel
light, there is a place on each boat for your phone/keys that is safe and dry.

• Make sure to bring a jacket, sunblock, chapstick, sunglasses and hat.

• Camera/phone, GoPro, etc.

• A digital watch with a countdown timer is fun to have if you want to help call the time at the start of the race.


▶ What if I don't swim?

• All boats are equipped with life lines to keep you onboard, as well as life jackets if you wish to wear one. Most of
our participants feel very safe and do not wear life jackets but you are free to do so.


▶ Will I get sea sick?

• We sail on Long Beach Harbor, a well-protected body of water with no swell. It is unlikely that you will get sea
sick but if you are prone to motion sickness, take whatever remedy you are used to prior to leaving the dock.


▶ What if I have to use the bathroom?

• No problem. Each boat has a bucket! (Not a joke).

• We encourage our participants to use the restroom on shore before departing.


▶ What if I have an injury or physical limitation?

• No problem. We staff each boat and organize the team to be flexible if one of the team members is less mobile.


▶ Will there be food and drink on board the boats?

• Each boat will have a supply of water and sports drinks on board.

• Subway sandwiches will be provided aboard the boats.


▶ Will I get to steer a boat?

• Each participant will get a chance to steer and do all the jobs on the crew.

• Part of the teambuilding exercise is for your team to determine the line up once the race starts.


We look forward to seeing you at your event. For any specific questions, please email




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