March 03 - 06, 2019
Long Beach, CA

Sunday, March 3, 2019


9:00 AM

2019 TPM Golf Tournament

Location: Pelican Hill Golf Club


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12:00 AM — 7:00 PM


Location: Hyatt Regency Long Beach, Lobby

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12:00 — 3:00 PM

Introduction to International Logistics

Location: TBD

For those working on logistics teams at retail, manufacturing, consumer product, agribusiness, energy, or other companies, this mini-course on will introduce you to key issues you’re likely to encounter in your role and offer guidance on how to approach them in order to achieve positive outcomes for your organization. Taught by Daniel Gardner, a longtime logistics educator and vice president of supply chain at Lakeshore Learning Materials, this three hour course is designed for those new in logistics roles focused on both imports and exports, as well as those who would like a brief refresher on key concepts discussed in an up-to-date context given changes to the logistics environment in recent years. Among the topics to be covered will be:

• Asia inbound logistics models: buyers consolidation versus trans-load.

• How to approach annual tendering, including how much volume to contract versus holding back for the spot market.

• Whether to go carrier direct or via an NVO or what the balance should be.

• Air cargo as a supplement for an ocean program.

• Managing carrier relationships: how to be a “shipper of choice.”

• Store-door versus merchant haulage for drayage, when to consider one approach over the other.

• Getting to hinterland locations via truck or rail.

• How to decide on West Coast versus East (or Gulf coast) routings.

• Serving the internal customer: how to manage internal stakeholder relationships with the c-suite, merchandisers.

• How to make the right logistics technology decisions. Screen reader support enabled.

Course Leader
Dan Gardner
Vice President,
Supply Chain Management,
Lakeshore Learning Materials

12:00 — 4:00 PM

TPM Challenge Cup: Regatta and Yacht Race

Location: TBD

Now in its second year, this event will consist of on-the-water team building, networking, and racing using Catalina 37 sailboats operated by experienced crews. Screen reader support enabled.

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3:00 — 4:00 PM

TPM 2019: An Orientation

Location: Hyatt Regency Long Beach, Beacon Ballroom

How can you get the most out of TPM 2019? In this brief introductory session open to new and veteran TPM attendees, members of the JOC editorial and event operations teams will provide a roadmap of the four-day event, providing details about what topics will be covered, how to obtain information you may be looking for, networking events, and generally how to maximize your experience in Long Beach.

— Orientation Leaders
Chris Brooks
Executive Editor,
The Journal of Commerce and JOC Events, Maritime & Trade,
IHS Markit


Jennifer Woods
JOC Events, Maritime & Trade,
IHS Markit

4:00 — 5:00 PM

Shipper Briefing

Location: Hyatt Regency Long Beach, Beacon Ballroom

A special, off-the-record discussion and review of the issues dominating today's containerized ocean shipping industry.

By Reservation Only for Shippers.

— Briefing Leader
Mark Szakonyi
Executive Editor, and The Journal of Commerce,
Maritime & Trade


5:00 — 7:00 PM

 Hospitality Reception

Location: Hyatt Regency Long Beach, Pool Deck

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