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2021: Another Unpredictable Year Begins

Monday, 1 March

12:55 pm - 1:25 pm (EST) / 01/mar/2021 05:55 pm - 01/mar/2021 06:25 pm

As 2021 began, huge uncertainty remained as to how the year will play out, not dissimilar to last spring when no one, not even leading economists, predicted the surge in volumes of household goods and PPE that by the end of 2020 had led to significant disruption throughout the supply chain. As 2021 began, with vaccine rollouts underway in multiple countries, events were starting to unfold quickly, yet that only added to the uncertainties. It’s unclear, for example, what economic impact the current second-wave lockdowns will have, how quickly vaccines will become available on a wide scale, how soon business travel will recover, and what the impact will be on container volumes and industry’s ability to restore normal equipment flows. In his TPM21 appearance, Hapag-Lloyd CEO Rolf Habben Jansen will discuss his current thinking on the state of the market as of late February and what that tells us about how the year may play out. 

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