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  • February 26 – March 1, 2023 | Long Beach Convention Center
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Cool Cargoes III: Shippers Sound Off on the Need for Solutions

Tuesday, 28 February

3:15 pm - 4:00 pm (PST) / 28/feb/2023 11:15 pm - 01/mar/2023 12:00 am
Perishables, frozen, and other types of refrigerated shippers can’t seem to catch a break. For two years, they watched — at times helplessly and at great harm to their businesses — as ocean carriers bypassed their traditionally high-paying cargoes in favor of less-complicated dry shipments as freight rates skyrocketed across-the-board. Now that dry shipping rates have retreated to nearly pre-pandemic levels, other issues have emerged for refrigerated shippers, and other problems remain unresolved. Some shippers have gotten creative – turning to specialized breakbulk ships when containerized capacity wasn’t available, for example. Cargo visibility, spoilage, and sustainable solutions are still lacking, although help appears to be on the way in the form of increasing investment at ports, in warehouses, and in technology. This session will feature a number of prominent importers and exporters in a roundtable discussion that aims to answer the question: What do shippers want, and at what cost?
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