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Examining How Public Data Initiatives Can Unravel Supply Chain Snarls

Monday, 28 February

4:35 pm - 5:20 pm (PST) / 01/mar/2022 12:35 am - 01/mar/2022 01:20 am
The movement of goods can be defined as private sector parties engaging in commercial activity using public sector infrastructure. That makes it an inherently complex problem to determine the role private and public sectors play in collecting, cleansing, and providing data to the broader industry. Two recent developments provide a snapshot of the complexity and opportunity in the public sector taking a direct interest in supply chain data. The US Federal Maritime Commission is in the midst of a fact-finding initiative to understand how data could be used to increase the flow of goods into and out of North America, leading up to a summit it will hold in late spring. Separately, the Port of Long Beach in late December announced the launch of a platform to collect and provide data to assist shippers. Both initiatives are driven by the desire to provide a data-hungry industry with better and more real-time information about freight infrastructure. But both also are being launched into an environment in which other platforms, both public and private, exist. This session will look at the overall goal of public supply chain data initiatives, how they fit with one another, and what role the private sector can play as both providers and consumers of data from such initiatives.
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