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Geopolitical Tension and the Impact on Containerized Trade

Tuesday, 2 March

11:40 am - 12:10 pm (EST) / 02/mar/2021 04:40 pm - 02/mar/2021 05:10 pm
Amid the many challenges container shipping faced in 2020, it is staring at yet another that could dwarf all of the others: geopolitical risk. As world-renowned energy expert Dan Yergin wrote in “The New Map” published in September, while container shipping greased the wheels of globalization in an era of global consensus on trade, that consensus has now disappeared. In its place are rising geopolitical tensions and the specter of “decoupling.” In this timely TPM appearance shortly after the presidential transition, Yergin, who is the vice chairman of IHS Markit, will discuss the risks for container shipping. As he wrote, “Momentum towards a more collaborative world order that rested on an increasingly connected global economy … is now going in reverse.” 

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