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Marketing and Sales Workshop: The Strategy Blueprint You Didn’t Know You Needed

Sunday, 28 February

2:45 pm - 3:30 pm (EST) / 28/feb/2021 07:45 pm - 28/feb/2021 08:30 pm

Creating and executing a marketing strategy with impact was never easy. Today, standing out from the crowd and getting customers’ attention is tougher than ever. This means any logistics company using the same old approach or a generic checklist of marketing to-dos won’t get anywhere when it comes to attracting new customers on a consistent basis. In this session, Ken Kowal, Founder of ShipStarter, will present the marketing blueprint you didn’t know you needed. Shipstarter is a specialist who helps logistics companies develop innovative marketing strategies, and Ken will cover the modern marketing tactics that work the best today and then make it much further. You’ll also get tips to overcome the other hurdles to marketing success, like enlisting the internal support and resources to get the work done, measuring results and proving ROI, and common mistakes to avoid. The workshop will provide accompanying workbook materials. At the end of the hour, you will have an actionable plan to build your new marketing strategy and quickly put it into place. The session will also cover topics such as:

• The steps for figuring out the best audience for your solutions (and the companies and people you should be targeting).

• What to do with all that bad CRM data (you know it’s there).

• What to do if your CEO doesn’t believe in marketing (and conversely, what to do if your company leadership is too involved).

• How to figure out what existing and potential customers really think of you (and how to use that information to improve your marketing).

• The specific tools and techniques every modern logistics marketing team should employ (and those to avoid).

• Defining success and establishing realistic goals and expectations (i.e., how to manage upwards).

• Recognizing what your company is doing well (and what it could be doing better)

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