Salute to Diversity Honor

Facilitated by The Journal of Commerce and TPM

Introducing the Transport and Logistics Salute to Diversity Honor 2022

The inaugural Salute to Diversity Honor, facilitated by The Journal of Commerce, will be presented during TPM 22 in Long Beach, California. The honor recognizes organizations in the transportation and logistics industry that are driving forward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Nominations are open to all companies and organizations throughout the supply chain, regardless of size or location. They will be judged anonymously. 

We encourage transport and logistics companies in early-stage DEI efforts to submit nominations. We want to commend good faith efforts across the industry, whether these are first steps or part of a well-entrenched program. 

To ensure that a range of nominations are considered, the committee will weigh entries by company size, number of employees, and annual revenue, taking into account differences in budgets and available resources.