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TPM Academy: The Financial Implications of Global Supply Chain Management

Sunday, 26 February

1:45 pm - 3:30 pm (PST) / 26/feb/2023 09:45 pm - 26/feb/2023 11:30 pm

This module explores the causal relationship between the tactical execution of a supply chain strategy and a company’s financial results. Presented from a global perspective, participants will analyze the links between product sales, landed cost, lead-time rationalization and inventory management, and the results found on an importer or exporter’s balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. Through the study of successful supply chain and logistics practices, and the application of timeless financial measures to real-world examples, this program creates tangible links between tactical supply chain execution and financial performance. Designed for both finance and non-finance professionals, attendees will learn to speak the language of supply chain finance and accounting by studying topics such as:

  • Financial analysis and global trade
  • The operating cycle
  • The cash-to-cash cycle
  • Asset management
  • KPIs for global operations
  • Financial metrics for global SCM
  • The DuPont formula
  • Inventory management in a global environment 
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