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TPM22 CEO Series: From Chassis to China, Why Ron Widdows Says Shippers Will See Little Relief in 2022

Tuesday, 1 March

10:45 am - 11:15 am (PST) / 01/mar/2022 06:45 pm - 01/mar/2022 07:15 pm

Ron Widdows’ warning to the virtual TPM21 Conference last March was scarily prescient: The supply chain story of 2021 would be all about volatility. Widdows, the former chairman of the World Shipping Council and now the CEO of FlexiVan Leasing, sees little signs of significant easing in 2022. New chassis equipment may not be delivered until late in the year, there are few signs that demand for Asia’s imports will slow dramatically, and the Asia-US shipping system is maxed out from end to end, meaning small disruptions quickly expand into larger ones. Known for a frankness that matches his prescience — both based on experience that stretches to 50 years this March, Widdows will sit down with JOC Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi to discuss how he sees 2022 playing out, and the implications for shippers.

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