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TPM23 CEO Series: Export Supply Chains in Disarray — A Conversation With the US Dairy Export Council's Krysta Harden

Monday, 27 February

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm (PST) / 27/feb/2023 10:00 pm - 27/feb/2023 10:30 pm

As the head of the US Dairy Export Council, Krysta Harden was in the middle of the campaign to rewrite US ocean shipping law that resulted in the 2022 Ocean Shipping Reform Act signed into law on June 16. Although the law imposes tougher standards on ocean carriers to ensure capacity is made available to US exporters, the law leaves it to the Federal Maritime Commission to clarify the meaning of “unreasonable.” To that effect, the FMC on Sept. 21 invited public comment “to define unreasonable refusal to deal or negotiate with respect to vessel space accommodation provided by an ocean common carrier.” How confident is the leader of a major exporter group that actual relief for exporters will result from passage of OSRA. What expectations does she have of ocean carriers and other parties in the supply chain to support her members’ exports? And what impact is geopolitical turmoil in Russia-Ukraine, China, and elsewhere having? Krysta Harden, CEO of the US Dairy Export Council, and a former US deputy Agriculture Secretary under President Obama, will address these issues and more in a comprehensive discussion that US exporters of all types won’t want to miss.

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