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What's More Important, the Plumbing or the Customer Interface?

Thursday, 24 February

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm (PST) / 24/feb/2022 11:15 pm - 24/feb/2022 11:45 pm
Logistics is an inherently unseen industry. The multitudes working in the background to physically move goods and coordinate the movement of those goods have functioned under a veneer of opacity and complexity. But things have been changing gradually over the past decade, as a horde of technology providers have focused on areas such as transparency, user interface, and overall customer experience. Those modern ideals often run headlong into the existing realities of logistics, whether entrenched legacy software, physical constraints or cultural hurdles around adopting new technology. This panel will explore a key question underpinning this evolution: What is more important to the progression of logistics technology, the user interface or the underlying plumbing that connects modes, regions, internal teams, and external partners? As customer interfaces become more sophisticated, does that mitigate or accelerate the need for investment in the underlying plumbing? 
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