Alan Holland



Previously a lecturer in Artificial Intelligence in University College Cork's Computer Science Department, Dr. Alan Holland founded strategic sourcing software company Keelvar in September 2012 when he left the University to commercialize advances in AI for procurement teams.

Alan’s specialist knowledge in Game Theory and Mechanism Design, combined with his expertise in e-commerce, procurement, and optimization, has given Keelvar an edge in developing innovations that exceed its competitors’ technical capabilities.

In addition to guiding Keelvar to the top of the leaderboard in Intelligent Sourcing Automation, Alan is a thought leader in how global supply chain-based companies can improve efficiency in their procurement functions and is passionate about how AI can transform how suppliers engage with big business for win-win outcomes

Sessions With Alan Holland

Friday, 26 February

  • 03:15pm - 03:45pm (EST) / 26/feb/2021 08:15 pm - 26/feb/2021 08:45 pm

    The Logistics Technology Breakthrough

    How Process Automation Will Change the Global Logistics Workforce

    Automation can be a scary word for an industry that has historically relied on people to make it run, from data entry and container tracking to managing operational challenges and customer service. But the technology wave hitting global logistics will indelibly change what the workforce looks like in the coming years. This session will examine what those changes look like, the benefits of a shift toward process automation, and the challenges of reassigning people to new roles.