Dr. Nariman Behravesh

IHS Markit

Former Chief Economist

Dr. Nariman Behravesh was chief economist of IHS Markit from 2008 until his retirement in December 2020. In that role, he directed the entire economic forecasting process at IHS Markit and was responsible for developing the economic outlook and risk analysis for the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and other emerging markets. He remains actively involved in evaluating global economic prospects and risks.

He and his team were awarded the 2017 Lawrence R. Klein Blue Chip Forecast Accuracy Award. They were also ranked as top forecasters by Consensus Economics, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today on numerous occasions.

Dr. Behravesh is the author of "Spin-Free Economics: A No-Nonsense, Nonpartisan Guide to Today's Global Economic Debates" (McGraw-Hill) and "Economics U$A" (Norton). Behravesh has been quoted extensively in the media on such topics as the outlook for the US and global economies, exchange rates, the budget deficit, the trade deficit, globalization, country risk, and sovereign debt crises.

He has been a featured speaker at many of the top global conferences for many years, including IHS Markit CERAWeek, the Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference, the World Petrochemicals Conference, and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Dr. Behravesh holds Ph.d. and M.A. degrees in economics from the University of Pennsylvania (where Nobel Laureate Lawrence R. Klein was his dissertation advisor), and a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has lived in Europe and the Middle East and is fluent in several languages. He travels extensively to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Sessions With Dr. Nariman Behravesh

Monday, 28 February

  • 09:20am - 09:50am (EST) / 28/feb/2022 05:20 pm - 28/feb/2022 05:50 pm

    Where Is Container Shipping Demand Headed?

    Many experts are telling us that, given the deep dysfunction within the container supply chain, an easing of volumes will be the only real source of relief. Until that happens, there is little light at the end of the tunnel. US policymakers are focused intensively on port issues, but an easing of volumes is widely seen as a precondition for the circulation of ships, containers, chassis, and trucks to return to a normal, pre-pandemic state. How likely is that to happen? As IHS Markit Senior Economic Advisor Nariman Behravesh said in September 2021, “Consumer spending (Real PCE) decelerated sharply in the third quarter, in contrast to the first and second quarters. So, the worsening congestion in the West Coast ports is occurring as consumer demand is moving in the opposite direction.” Could this be the beginning of that much-needed easing? What will be the situation by the time TPM22 convenes in late February? How much will spending have decelerated? How much restocking is anticipated to occur in 2022? What is the outlook for volumes? Plain-spoken, blunt, and experienced, Nariman has been the top-rated speaker at TPM since he first joined the program in 2015. He will offer his unvarnished views on demand and how it will play out in the container supply chain.