Ken Kellaway

RoadOne IntermodaLogistics

Co-Founder, President and CEO

Ken Kellaway is co-founder, president, and CEO of RoadOne IntermodaLogistics. Kellaway is responsible for the overall leadership, vision, strategy, growth, and development of the company. He was also one of the founders of RoadLink, the largest provider of intermodal trucking and workforce solutions in the US from 2000-2012. Kellaway served in multiple roles from chief commercial officer to president during his tenure there and helped to develop and implement the strategic vision of RoadLink. He founded Kellaway Intermodal & Distribution Systems, Inc. in 1988, growing the business from a standalone warehousing company to New England’s premier intermodal transportation and terminal services operation. Over a 10-year period, Kellaway became New England’s largest, full-service logistics company offering “single source logistics solutions” to both international shipping companies and importers/exporters alike. Kellaway was selected as an Inc. 500 company two years in a row. Prior to founding Kellaway, he held management positions at Ryder Truck Leasing. Kellaway received his undergraduate degree from Providence College and MBA from Babson College Business School.

Sessions With Ken Kellaway

Monday, 28 February

  • 04:35pm - 05:20pm (EST) / 01/mar/2022 12:35 am - 01/mar/2022 01:20 am

    Transloading as a Tool to Accelerate Cargo Movements During Heightened Congestion

    With ships backed up at anchor, cargo taking longer to flow through marine terminals, and extensive rail delays holding up inland movements, shippers have had to take matters into their own hands to accelerate their supply chains. One way they did that over the past year was to expand transloading activities. Devanning containers and transloading into 53-foot trucks is a well-known strategy, utilized for years by shippers, but it took on new relevance during the pandemic, and many importers now see it as a savior during the pandemic disruption. This session will dig into the transloading concept, explain when and for whom it makes the most sense, and answer the following questions:

    o Why the new relevance?

    o What are the advantages?

    o What are the tradeoffs?

    o What factors do shippers need to consider?

    o How can you gain pop-up capacity?

    o How do you build long-term transloading opportunity?