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Mike Burton

C&K Holdings


Mike is the current President of C&K Holdings. Previously he was President and CEO of C&K Trucking for 15 years. Mike takes a proactive, hands-on approach. He is focused on providing innovative solutions to improve customer experience, safety, operations, and service for all of the C&K Holdings companies.

Prior to his career at C&K, Mike was Senior President and Division Head of Commercial Lending at LaSalle Bank, N.A. In that position, he provided financial and capital structure guidance to middle-market companies.

Mike is an active member of multiple industry associations including The Illinois Trucking Association, The Intermodal Association of Chicago, and Northwestern Transporation Center’s Advisory Board.

Mike holds an MBA from Northwestern University and a business degree from the University of Illinois. He is actively involved in Misericordia, an organization that provides a offers a community of care that maximizes the potential for persons with mild to profound developmental disabilities, many of whom are also physically challenged.

Sessions With Mike Burton

Tuesday, 28 February

  • 04:00pm - 04:45pm (PST) / 01/mar/2023 12:00 am - 01/mar/2023 12:45 am

    Marine Chassis: Will We Reach Equilibrium in 2023?

    For the second consecutive year, chassis shortages disrupted the supply chain and prevented shippers from getting their containers delivered in a timely fashion. The problem was acute in Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, Kansas City, and several other smaller markets. As import volumes decline, however, could the equipment problem resolve itself? Will a decline in imports and higher production out of chassis manufacturers to pump out more chassis lead to a balance in the middle of the supply-and-demand curve? How do we ensure there won’t be an overcorrection with too many chassis built for yesterday’s surge that collect dust in today’s slowdown? And will truckers gravitate toward owning their chassis rather than rely on third parties? In this session, we will explore these questions and what it means toward ensuring chassis are no longer a headline story in 2023.