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Natznet Tesfay

S&P Global

Vice President-Insights and Analysis, Economics and Country Risk

Ms. Natznet Tesfay leads the Economics and Country Risk Analysis group, which has over 150 experts globally forecasting the economic, sovereign risk and granular country risk outlooks for 206 countries and geographies as well as comparative performance of over 80 industries and consumer markets globally. Natznet’s areas of focus include geopolitical competition, emerging market debt vulnerabilities, energy transition and global supply chain re-alignment, drawing on a range of methodologies such as geospatial analysis, influence mapping and scenario modelling techniques. Natznet advises C-level executives on market entry and risk management, and governments on leveraging their natural resource potential for sustainable economic growth. She regularly speaks in major media outlets, and at high-level conferences and in 2017 was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Previously, she had advised municipal governments in emerging markets on sustainable urban development and national governments in East Africa on the development of free trade zones and the mining sector. Ms. Tesfay’s degrees include a BA in Government from Harvard University and a MSc in Urbanization and Development from the London School of Economics.

Sessions With Natznet Tesfay

Monday, 4 March

  • 08:50am - 09:30am (PST) / 04/mar/2024 04:50 pm - 04/mar/2024 05:30 pm

    Keynote Address

    In times of geopolitical tension and conflict impacting supply chains as never before, the world turns for wisdom to respected leaders with depths of experience and perspective. Robert Gates is one such individual. A former Secretary of Defense, Director of Central Intelligence, and Deputy National Security Advisor, among many other roles, he has brought deep geopolitical insight, organizational leadership and bold vision to his numerous roles in and out of government. He has served eight US Presidents, is a Medal of Freedom recipient and is the only Secretary of Defense to work for both Republican and Democratic administrations. As Defense Secretary from 2006-2011 he oversaw a huge shift away from conventional warfare toward anti-terrorist tactics. He paved the way for the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that discriminated against personnel based on sexual orientation. At a time when global supply chains are undergoing wholesale reassessment in light of geopolitical risk and growing frequency of shocks such as COVID, Robert Gates will bring to TPM deep insight relevant to those managing or supporting international supply chains.