Pawan Joshi


Executive Vice President, Product Management & Strategy

Pawan Joshi joined E2open in 2003 and currently serves as Executive Vice President, Product Management & Strategy. In this role, he is responsible for corporate strategy as well as product and technology strategy. Pawan works closely with customers to understand and address their complex and evolving supply chain needs while ensuring alignment across customer-specific solutions, E2open products, and the overall company goals and strategic direction. He is also responsible for the evaluation of new technologies and products along with E2open’s acquisition strategy. Pawan has been with E2open for over a decade and has held multiple leadership roles in Product Management, Professional Services and Sales.

Prior to serving at E2open, he spent three years at i2 Technologies in Product Management, where he helped companies in the manufacturing, transportation and retail sectors optimize key business processes for maximum profitability.

Pawan received his undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (New Delhi) in manufacturing sciences and engineering. He then completed his master’s degree in manufacturing systems engineering and ultimately his Ph.D. in industrial engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Pawan has also taught graduate courses in manufacturing systems and distributed supply chains.

Sessions With Pawan Joshi

Friday, 26 February

  • 01:00pm - 01:30pm (EST) / 26/feb/2021 06:00 pm - 26/feb/2021 06:30 pm

    The Logistics Technology Breakthrough

    Global TMS as the Gateway to Other Services

    TMS is no modern innovation — indeed, the concept of a global TMS linking supply chain and logistics partners and based on the power of the internet is entering its third decade. But a new breed of systems is emerging with a more open mindset, one where the TMS isn’t a turnkey and static fix but rather a vehicle to incorporate a range of ancillary products and services, predominantly through application programming interface. This session will examine what the next decade of TMS innovation is likely to look like.