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Reade Kidd

EDRAY Collaborative Port Logistics

CEO and Co-Founder

Reade Kidd has spent 20 years in the international supply chain field. He is CEO and Co-Founder of EDRAY CPL. Prior to EDRAY, Mr. Kidd was the Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Strategy for XpertFreight, a boutique domestic freight brokerage company.

During the previous four years, Mr. Kidd led The Home Depot’s international logistics division, the third-largest importer into the US. With an annual budget in excess of $500 million, Mr. Kidd was responsible for the strategy and execution for the movement of goods into and out of the US, Canada, and Mexico for the ocean, air, drayage, transload, customs/compliance, and foreign trade zones.

Mr. Kidd spent the previous 10 years with various groups within the Maersk Companies. Starting in the management training program, Mr. Kidd worked both domestic and abroad for Maersk Line, Maersk Line Limited (military consulting), Maersk Logistics, Damco Distribution (warehousing), and Damco in increasing roles and responsibilities across operations, sales, IT, implementation, and strategy.

Mr. Kidd graduated from Auburn University with a degree in International Business with a supply chain focus. He lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and three boys.

Sessions With Reade Kidd

Wednesday, 1 March

  • 09:50am - 10:30am (PST) / 01/mar/2023 05:50 pm - 01/mar/2023 06:30 pm

    Innovative Solutions for Managing Complex Import Delivery Networks: A Big Lots Case Study

    Over the past two years, Big Lots Stores has faced costly challenges in managing its nationwide import network of final-mile delivery to its distribution centers in the face of severe port congestion and a combination of door-delivery contract moves and port-termination spot moves. After evaluating the market for these services, Big Lots turned to EDRAY to manage distribution and visibility for its 30,000 annual container deliveries. Unique aspects of the program include Big Lots maintaining direct relationships with each of its drayage carriers and merchant-haulage terms on more than 90 percent of deliveries. EDRAY provides a mix of technology, innovation, and managed transportation to support the “final import mile,” the movement of containers from on the water to empty return. As a neutral participant in the market, EDRAY can provide additional products to further untangle the complexities of the import supply chain such as marketplace, flow stacks, street turns, and payment processing. Since going live with the process in July 2022, Big Lots and EDRAY teams have worked side-by-side to reduce demurrage and detention expense, as well as total time from container availability to empty return through rigorous measurement of each leg, capacity balancing among drayage assets, and reporting/improvement feedback loop with the drayage providers.