• TPM24
  • March 3-6, 2024 | Long Beach Convention Center

Tim Nicolle


Founder and Chief Product Officer

Tim is the founder of PrimaTrade and is the architect of Prima’s supply chain platform. Tim’s background is in trade finance and structured finance having led business units at major banking groups (Deutsche, Unicredit) and also, for time, as a partner in PwC. Tim also founded, alongside some of his colleagues in Prima, one of the leading global fintechs in trade and receivables finance called Demica – which today handles around US$200bn in annual flows. Prima is a leading player in the comprehensive digitization of trade – not just eBLs, but digitizing all the documents involved in FMCG containerized supply chains. Delivering a 100% digital supply chain enables very efficient trade finance to be provided via the Prima platform, automatically approving payments to suppliers at shipment and drawing funds from banks, non-banks and SCF platforms; this benefits both suppliers and importers, typically saving 1% or more on spend.

Sessions With Tim Nicolle

Tuesday, 5 March

  • 04:25pm - 04:55pm (PST) / 06/mar/2024 12:25 am - 06/mar/2024 12:55 am

    TPMTech: Is 2024 the Year the Logistics Industry Realizes Its Trade Finance Potential?

    Easing the financial burden on overseas sellers and import buyers has long been an aim of various logistics providers, ocean carriers, and software vendors. But driving widespread adoption of financial tools to do so has been a challenge. Some of that is due to inertia, some to the challenge of navigating financial regulations in various countries, and some is down to a lack of openness in using solutions to fundamentally change a process that, for better or worse, largely works. But as exporters and shippers navigate in an environment of weak demand, and cash preservation becomes critical, there seems to be more scrutiny than ever on tools to increase working capital, and to reduce the costs of inventory. Call it the inflection point of FinTech and LogTech, or an idea whose time has come, but 2024 feels like an important year for trade finance. In this session, experts will debate the merits of trade finance, why it hasn’t really truly caught on before, and where it goes from here.