• TPM24
  • March 3-6, 2024 | Long Beach Convention Center

William (Bill) Shea

Direct ChassisLink Inc. (DCLI)


William (Bill) J. Shea, Jr. has been the CEO of Direct ChassisLink Inc. and an investor in the company since 2012. In that capacity, Shea has shaped the strategic vision of DCLI and facilitated the acquisition of major legacy chassis fleets while maintaining oversight of the company's growth and financial performance. Mr. Shea’s remarkable career in the transportation industry spans almost 40 years. Shea co-founded Kelley Transportation Services in 1984 and Bay Cities Leasing in 1989, managed the first domestic container and chassis pool, called EMP, for Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern in 1994, oversaw the creation of DCLI in 2010 and was the thought leader behind the 2015 creation of the Pool of Pools, the grey daily-use chassis pool that operates in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. He serves on the board of directors of DCLI and is chairman of the Blume Global board.

Sessions With William (Bill) Shea