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3PL Focus: Is Logistics Destined to Be a Fragmented Industry?

Friday, 25 February

9:00 am - 9:40 am (PST) / 25/feb/2022 05:00 pm - 25/feb/2022 05:40 pm

The third-party logistics industry is awash in potential solutions, a confusing landscape for buyers but also a good gauge for an intrinsic aspect of the industry: inherent fragmentation. There are tens of thousands of logistics providers around the world for a reason: The shippers and transportation providers those 3PLs connect appreciate a local touch and regional expertise. It’s why even the world’s biggest 3PLs, publicly traded companies with multibillion-dollar market caps, have anything but dominant market share positions. It’s also why forwarder alliances thrive, and why there’s little barrier to entry for upstarts. This session will explore whether the global logistics industry will continue to be a deeply fragmented industry and whether the role technology plays is prolonging that fragmentation or helping to consolidate it, with perspective from two forwarders hyper-focused on how technology helps their businesses.

Session Speakers