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Fireside Chat: Mapping the World's Supplier Relationships

Friday, 25 February

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm (PST) / 26/feb/2022 12:30 am - 26/feb/2022 01:00 am
Every global supply chain relies on an intricate web of suppliers, partners, and commercial counterparts, from the procurement of raw materials and outsourced manufacturers to logistics and transportation providers. Maintaining a detailed database of these connections is complicated, especially as new partners are added, depending on new products, new markets, or sourcing shifts. But shippers need to understand this web of connections to comply with customs regulations. Forwarders need to understand their own connections, as well as those of their customers, and customs agencies need to understand risk on a real-time basis. This session will explore the perspective of one of a handful of technology providers tackling this challenge, and what it may mean to the world of global trade. 
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