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Thursday, 24 February

1:15 pm - 1:55 pm (PST) / 24/feb/2022 09:15 pm - 24/feb/2022 09:55 pm
On one end of the world of logistics, technology is an explosion of startups aiming to find their niche in the ever-complicated realm of global supply chains. But on the other end are large, all-encompassing software suites seeking to provide global shippers with all the tools they need to manage their end-to-end supply chains. For those large companies, the pandemic has provided a perfect opportunity to double down on consolidation through acquisitions of complementary niche providers and even direct competitors to build scale. This period has seen companies such as Blue Yonder and LLamasoft be acquired for billions of dollars, but no company has been busier than E2open. The Austin, Texas-based software vendor has acquired Amber Road, INTTRA, Cloud Logistics, and, most recently, BluJay Solutions in the last three years. It also went public in the first half of 2021. CEO Michael Farlekas has been at the helm during this phase of massive growth and transformation. E2open now sits atop a portfolio of solutions that were household names in the logistics industry and has a wealth of opportunity in front of it. Farlekas kicks off TPMTech with a keynote discussion and fireside chat to discuss the impact of his company’s recent moves, and why technology is so critical to the future of logistics.
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