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The Next Wave of Forwarding Technology

Thursday, 24 February

4:45 pm - 5:15 pm (PST) / 25/feb/2022 12:45 am - 25/feb/2022 01:15 am
When Flexport arrived nearly a decade ago, first with big ideas and then big venture capital investments, it heralded an era in which the world of forwarding started to gather more attention than ever. What has historically been a sector that has thrived on problem-solving, customer service, and surviving in volatile rate environments, is now adapting to a world where technology isn't a catchphrase but a base requirement. Investment into a range of digitally native forwarders such as Flexport, Forto, Zencargo, and Beacon presaged a counterwave of investment into forwarder-enabling technologies, including those focusing on improved user experiences and automation. This session will explore a trio of companies that have focused on empowering existing forwarders with modern technology to adapt and compete in a high-stakes environment. 
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