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Where Tech and People Converge to Unravel US Import Flows

Thursday, 24 February

4:15 pm - 4:30 pm (PST) / 25/feb/2022 12:15 am - 25/feb/2022 12:30 am
There are broadly two camps when it comes to managing the flow of international cargo: one sees technology as the solution, generally under the guise of automation of a process; the other uses people to manage via a services-based approach. In between is an emerging emphasis on the convergence between “team and technology,” where technology isn't the only answer to all problems, but where scaling across millions of inbound containers worth of cargo is not achievable with people alone. This quickfire chat with EDRAY CEO Reade Kidd, a former logistics executive with The Home Depot, will explore this concept and how it might present a path toward navigating mounting complexity in US import gateways. 
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