Bill Dobie


Founder & CEO

I’m the Founder and CEO of SEDNA, with over 20 years of experience bringing technology and people together while creating opportunities for innovation and growth.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a long history in the business of software and global trade. In 2000 I co-founded Navarik, a pioneer in the delivery of software as a service to energy companies. In 2010 I started Stage 3 Systems, which ran major software services for shipowners, commodity companies, and agents around the world. After working closely with customers to help them tackle the central problem they had in managing transactions over email, I started SEDNA in 2017. SEDNA enables its customers to manage and direct their transactional email flows in real-time—delivering huge value to end-users by cutting email volume, unifying processes, and intelligently surfacing relevant information.

Sessions With Bill Dobie

Friday, 25 February

  • 11:45am - 12:15pm (PST) / 25/feb/2022 07:45 pm - 25/feb/2022 08:15 pm

    What Needs to Be Standardized in Global Shipping?


    Three years ago at TPM, Mediterranean Shipping Co.’s Chief Digital & Information Officer Andre Simha laid out a vision for the container shipping industry to adopt common processes and data format standards to clear a path for digital innovation. The thinking was that if shipping lines made those foundational elements of their business common across all competitors, it would make them all easier to work with, and allow the industry to flourish through the development of new solutions, whether built by the lines themselves, 3PLs, or standalone software providers. Where does the industry stand three years later, and two years into a pandemic that has seen an acceleration in the uptake of digital solutions? The results are mixed. The Digital Container Shipping Association, where Simha is chairman, has been steadily releasing a range of standards through an open-source approach, but not all lines, including its own members, have fully embraced those standards. What’s holding the industry back, and in what functional areas will adoption of standards bring the industry closer to the vision that Simha described? In this session, Michele Sancricca, head of worldwide technology for supply chain and logistics at Amazon Web Services, is joined by Bill Dobie, CEO of the communication software provider Sedna Systems, to discuss the constraints and opportunities of driving true standardization in an industry that has long fought such initiatives.