Charley Dehoney


Vice President

My talent for developing teams to succeed, combined with my ability to build strong sales organizations to open new markets, drive sales, and position companies as the go-to-source for SaaS, data, analytics, and other emerging transportation technology solutions, are just two factors that have helped me become an exceptional technology sales and business executive.

I am a visionary sales executive with a charismatic leadership style, and expert knowledge of transportation, supply chain, and logistics technology (SaaS, PaaS, IoT, Sensors, Telematics, Geofencing, WMS, TMS, API, ERP, and CRM). Entrepreneurial, innovative, and agile are just a few words that describe me, and honesty, loyalty, perseverance, integrity, team-building, and outstanding problem-solving form the foundation of my management success.

However, one set of management skills I am most proud to offer is my ability to build an organizational and management structure to meet new competitive challenges, open new markets, and produce continuous revenue streams. I thrive on executive-level management challenges requiring me to help companies change the culture of how they do business and with opportunities where strategic planning, imaginative thinking, and a solid grasp of best management practices achieve the organization’s mission.

Companies in need of a Sales Executive or other senior-level business executive will quickly learn that I possess the management skills, analytical abilities, decision-making experience, and judgment to improve daily operations, drive revenue growth, and improve customer services.

Sessions With Charley Dehoney

Thursday, 24 February

  • 01:55pm - 02:25pm (PST) / 24/feb/2022 09:55 pm - 24/feb/2022 10:25 pm


    Is Global Multimodal Visibility Achievable?


    Real-time cargo visibility is no recent curiosity — companies have been building track-and-trace solutions as long as the internet has existed. What has changed during the pandemic is that predictive visibility and associated analytics have gone from luxury ambition to entry-level expectation. Also new is a more concrete realization that global supply chains are built upon shipments that encompass a number of modal legs, and that visibility of individual legs is far less useful than visibility across those legs. But that doesn’t mean the challenge of stitching together visibility across all modes and geographies has been fully met. Gathering and contextualizing data from every moving vehicle within every origin and destination is no simple task. So, given the demand for true multimodal visibility, it’s time to take stock of where suppliers re in meeting that demand. There is no shortage of capital being funneled into the space, with companies such as project44 and FourKites leading the way, but a host of newer entrants getting funding as well. This session will explore where we are and where the industry will go with an analyst, investor, and leading vendor in the market.