Dyci Sfregola

New Gen Architects

Founder & CEO

When it comes to supply chain and product operations, Dyci Sfregola’s experience is that most organizations are leaving money on the table due to disorganized processes. She founded New Gen Architects in 2020 to show companies how to transform business operations starting with their supply chain. Leveraging her business acumen and technical expertise, Dyci’s vision is to empower clients to be customer-centric and scale intelligently. Through business and digital architecture advisory services, she directs clients on how to establish efficient processes, identify and implement digital technologies, and effectively engage people as a roadmap for success.

Sessions With Dyci Sfregola

Friday, 25 February

  • 11:15am - 11:45am (PST) / 25/feb/2022 07:15 pm - 25/feb/2022 07:45 pm

    Exploring the Common Data Model Concept in Logistics


    Universal six-digit HS Code or country-specific seven- to 10-digit HTS code? Airport Code PEK or UnLocode CNBJS? Global account or local customer? Questions like this have been the catalyst for academic studies exploring the lack of common data formats in global logistics, but they provide particularly massive challenges for under-resourced IT teams within the global logistics community. Connectivity requests have accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the lack of a common data model is what truly holds back the digital transformation of the logistics industry. The proliferation of different platforms, some developed by independent software providers, and some by container lines, has only underscored the fragmented nature of less-than-perfect models available to logistics professionals. This session will explore how the industry may arrive at a Rosetta Stone for common standards that allow for application across country and industry boundaries, and the benefits of such an approach.