Peter Creeden

MPC International

Managing Director

Peter Creeden is a well-respected international supply chain executive with over 25 years of global industry experience. Peter’s experience includes 22 years with Hamburg Sud in a variety of international roles leading to senior management including Managing Director for Australian and New Zealand/Pacific.

Peter Creeden has been an active supporter of supply chain improvement initiatives. Peter was a founding member of the Future Logistics Living Lab. The Living Lab was an industry innovation space that fostered collaborative technology solutions for the logistics industry. Peter is the chair of the Macquarie University’s Centre of Workforce Future Industry Advisory Committee and the co-founder of the Future Ports 2050, an association focused on driving change in the port space.

In 2019, Peter established MPC International Pty Ltd. MPC International is an advisory firm providing insight and leadership to the port & supply chain industry. Peter is a strategic advisor providing companies with guidance on data and technical issues, corporate governance, process mapping, and software procurement decisions.

Sessions With Peter Creeden

Thursday, 24 February

  • 04:30pm - 04:45pm (PST) / 25/feb/2022 12:30 am - 25/feb/2022 12:45 am

    How Can Ports Be Better Digital Nodes?

    As international companies in the container shipping industry merge, reform, and re-create themselves as supply chain operators, rather than dedicated shipping, stevedoring, or logistics groups, the impact on the nature and direction of work itself in these areas is transforming dramatically. We're now at the turning point where workflows in the respective supply chain industry silos are being merged and forced to change. Ports have a responsibility and an opportunity to create the collaborative environments necessary to push for cross-industry standards, allowing exciting innovations happening in agriculture technology, sustainability, smart cities design, and logistics technology to address critical supply chain issues. JOC Senior Technology Editor Eric Johnson will go one-on-one with Peter Creeden, a liner shipping veteran who in 2019 co-founded Future Ports 2050, an initiative to determine where government, universities, and industries could jointly address the problems facing the wider supply chain industry.