Rick Tellez



Rick Tellez is co-founder of KlearNow, a technology start-up positioned as the go-to digital supply chain solution for businesses that trade across borders. His business acumen was built from a 20-year successful track record of managing operations, engineering, and sales positions at DHL.

Prior to starting KlearNow, Rick was on an executive career development track at DHL where he experienced multiple aspects of the business, including operations, process improvement, hub and gateway management, labor negotiations, special project management, and sales.

Rick saw the frustrations faced by today’s supply chain operators, and those observations sparked his desire to start KlearNow. Now, Rick uses his first-hand experience to inform the strategy behind KlearNow’s logistics technology and services.

Rick received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

Sessions With Rick Tellez

Friday, 25 February

  • 02:15pm - 02:45pm (PST) / 25/feb/2022 10:15 pm - 25/feb/2022 10:45 pm

    Can Global Logistics Reach Electronic Documentation Nirvana?


    For an industry that has struggled to shed the notion that documents are still sent by fax, the long-rumored progression from paper documents to electronic versions has been painfully slow. At a time when multimillion-dollar homes can be bought and sold via DocuSign, it's hard to imagine that basic shipping and customs documents still change hands in paper format. For many, a move to email attachments — digital versions of paper documents — is an aspirational state. The pandemic, and the remote work it forced upon the global logistics industry, has not yet been the catalyst for major change. That’s not to say progress isn’t underway. An array of technology providers, incumbent, and startup alike, is guiding the industry toward digitization. And there is progress in areas such as electronic bills of lading, where Mediterranean Shipping Co., Zim, and ONE have all invested. But what will be the catalyst to push the industry at large toward more adoption of electronic documentation?