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Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is a logistician turned supply chain media Founder; passionate about collaboration, transparency, diversity – and doing better business.

As the host of popular podcast, Let’s Talk Supply Chain, Sarah puts people right at the forefront of an industry that’s traditionally been about stats and numbers. From thought provoking questions and lively discussions to championing diversity and real people’s industry success, Let’s Talk Supply Chain and its sister shows Women in Supply Chain and Blended bring a breath of fresh air to logistics.

Sarah has been named ‘Top 10 Most Influential Women Leaders in Supply Chain (Insight Magazine)’ and ‘Top 21 Most Influential Women in Supply Chain (IBM/SC Digital)’ and is a regular contributor in thought- leadership at leading industry events. 

Sessions With Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

Friday, 25 February

  • 09:40am - 10:10am (PST) / 25/feb/2022 05:40 pm - 25/feb/2022 06:10 pm

    What Can 3PLs Do to Differentiate With Technology?


    The pandemic and subsequent congestion in North American and European ports has brought into stark relief how difficult it is to manage supply chains dependent on containerized freight. That’s been a boon for third-party logistics providers, which have seen shippers large and small turn to them for access to capacity, origin and destination services, and sourcing and modal optimization. But what exactly is it, from a technology perspective, that moves the needle for shippers and the 3PLs that cater to them? Can the market continue to support an industry with tens of thousands of players, or will software and technology platforms start to consolidate functions into fewer ecosystems? At the heart of these questions is the role technology can play in allowing 3PLs to differentiate or in creating common experiences that allow certain 3PLs to get scale.