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TPMTech: Will Technology Rescue an Industry Under Siege?

There exists a theoretical world where a digitally connected global logistics industry manages disruptions small, medium, and large in an almost effortless way — where integrations between new and existing systems makes overcoming the physical challenges of moving goods thousands of miles seem almost trivial. 

But the reality is far from that theoretical vision. Logistics is still primarily a physical industry barely harnessed by the growing collection of technologies intended to help control it. The sheer number of solutions on the market — whether neutral software, marketplace, or tech-enabled intermediary — is complicating the picture. Logistics has historically been a fragmented industry, by mode and geography. Its future is likely fragmented as well. 

To push through that inherent disconnection between the digital and physical, there is an enhanced focus on two areas: standardization and integration. Processes, data formats, and documentation need to be standardized to a greater degree than they are today. And systems need to be integrated like never before. It sounds simple, but it’s a colossal challenge, necessitating a metaphorical herding of cats across regions and stakeholders. Is the global logistics industry up to the challenge? The future of navigating disruptions, meeting climate goals, and shaping the future logistics workforce depends on it. 

The best place to understand how these physical and digital supply chains are converging is at TPMTech, a two-day exploration of all the relevant trends impacting shippers and the service providers that cater to them, facilitated by the industry’s leading editorial team covering this high-profile sector. Attendees will get access to high-profile executives in the technology space, in-depth sessions, immersive demos, and unparalleled networking. 

TPMTech is the place for prospective technology buyers, providers, and investors to collectively chart a digital course for an industry under siege.