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  • February 23 – 24, 2023 | Hilton Long Beach
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TPMTech DevCon

A core part of the logistics technology renaissance that's occurred the past decade has been the recruitment of some of the brightest minds in software development, whether in product, engineering or leadership roles. While the broader goal of logistics technology is to create effective solutions for industry practitioners - the consumers - it's also vital to create an environment where the solutions producers feel energized about the challenge they are undertaking. 

In that spirit, the Journal of Commerce team is introducing a new element at TPMTech this year - TPMTech DevCon - to provide a forum for developers, founders, CIOs and CTOs to engage in depth with one another on some of the core challenges they face. The format will be an open dialogue around four to five key thematic areas - from scaling in an industry that's slow to change, to cyber security challenges to whether product-led growth works in logistics. Each discussion will be facilitated by a dedicated topic leader, but the DevCon is meant to be an open forum for sharing what works and what doesn't in this endlessly complicated industry. 

More details will be announced in the weeks to come, but the grand goal is to foster relationships among the huge array of technology providers - both incumbents and upstarts - aiming to improve the way global logistics works. We hope to see you in Long Beach on Feb 24 for the first ever TPMTech DevCon. Please reach out to TPMTech Chair Eric Johnson with any ideas for the DevCon or if you're interested in leading one of the discussions.