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  • February 23 – 24, 2023 | Hilton Long Beach
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TPMTech: Navigating the Land of Confusion

An oft-used phrase in logistics planning is the need to be able to see around corners, to see what’s next. But the logistics landscape these days is more like a hall of mirrors: rapid changes to demand and supply, a tsunami of data, information overload, and a decade of start-up investment in tech. What might seem like an ocean of opportunity also can resemble a land of confusion. Navigating this space is like battling through the fog of war. 

Lines are blurring between technology vendors and logistics services providers. There are dilemmas about what to manage in-house and what to outsource to third parties. There are concerns about integrating systems, carrier connectivity, shorter (or longer) procurement cycles. The list goes on … 

And yet, for shippers, there is no unlimited bucket of cash with which to invest. There is no unending fountain of patience for testing new systems. There is the age-old issue of being stuck with the technologies you have and not necessarily the ones you want. 

All of this confusion is taking place amid a confusing freight landscape and a confusing economy. The market has never seemed so disrupted — exactly the type of environment technology is meant to combat — and yet, the ship to navigate these turbulent waters is still under construction for most organizations. 

TPMTech, to be held on Feb. 23-24, 2023, in Long Beach, California, is designed to help organizations across containerized supply chains have a clearer line of sight to where they need to invest, and how they can work together to build and adopt technologies that allow them to see through the fog and find a place of clarity.