• TPMTech
  • February 23 – 24, 2023 | Hilton Long Beach

2023 TPMTech Speakers


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  • King Alandy Dy


    CEO and Co-Founder

    ["King Alandy Dy","Expedock","CEO and Co-Founder"]
  • Dylan Alperin


    Head of Professional Services

    ["Dylan Alperin","Keelvar","Head of Professional Services","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Ruthie Amaru


    Chief Product Officer

    ["Ruthie Amaru","Freightos","Chief Product Officer"]
  • Kristy Asseily


    Emissions Reporting & Analytics Manager

    ["Kristy Asseily","ZeroNorth","Emissions Reporting & Analytics Manager"]
  • Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

    Let's Talk Supply Chain


    ["Sarah Barnes-Humphrey","Let's Talk Supply Chain","Founder"]
  • Philip Blumenthal

    ECU Worldwide

    Chief Transformation Officer

    ["Philip Blumenthal","ECU Worldwide","Chief Transformation Officer"]
  • Kathrin Brost

    DHL Global Forwarding

    Vice President, Global Head of GoGreen Program

    ["Kathrin Brost","DHL Global Forwarding","Vice President, Global Head of GoGreen Program"]
  • Bertrand Chen

    Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN)


    ["Bertrand Chen","Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN)","CEO"]
  • Julian Counihan

    Schematic Ventures

    General Partner

    ["Julian Counihan","Schematic Ventures","General Partner","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Peter Creeden

    MPC International

    Managing Director

    ["Peter Creeden","MPC International","Managing Director"]
  • Angela Czajkowski

    Hartman Executive Advisors

    Senior Advisor

    ["Angela Czajkowski","Hartman Executive Advisors","Senior Advisor","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Kathryn Delecluse

    MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co.

    Smart Container Commercial Lead

    ["Kathryn Delecluse","MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co.","Smart Container Commercial Lead"]
  • Thorsten Diephaus


    Vice President, Strategic Alliances

    ["Thorsten Diephaus","Xeneta","Vice President, Strategic Alliances"]
  • Marc Dragon

    Reefknot Investments

    Managing Director

    ["Marc Dragon","Reefknot Investments","Managing Director","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Matt Elenjickal


    Founder and CEO

    ["Matt Elenjickal","FourKites","Founder and CEO"]
  • Mark Fontecchio

    S&P Global Market Intelligence

    Transportation Research Analyst, 451 Research

    ["Mark Fontecchio","S&P Global Market Intelligence","Transportation Research Analyst, 451 Research"]
  • Gene Gander

    WiseTech Global

    General Manager, Global Sales

    ["Gene Gander","WiseTech Global","General Manager, Global Sales"]
  • Rob Garrison

    Mercado Labs


    ["Rob Garrison","Mercado Labs","CEO","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Konstantina Georgaki


    Senior Director-Ocean Solutions

    ["Konstantina Georgaki","Flexport","Senior Director-Ocean Solutions"]
  • Julie Gerdeman

    Everstream Analytics


    ["Julie Gerdeman","Everstream Analytics","CEO","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Brian Glick


    Founder and CEO

    ["Brian Glick","Chain.io","Founder and CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Farouk Gomati

    Interworld Freight

    Vice President

    ["Farouk Gomati","Interworld Freight","Vice President"]
  • Ramkumar Govindarajan

    Wiz Freight

    Founder & CEO

    ["Ramkumar Govindarajan","Wiz Freight","Founder & CEO","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Thomas Grunau

    DHL Global Forwarding

    Senior Vice President and Global Head of Business Strategy and Digitalization

    ["Thomas Grunau","DHL Global Forwarding","Senior Vice President and Global Head of Business Strategy and Digitalization","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Jay Hanson


    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Jay Hanson","Inxeption","Chief Operating Officer"]
  • Marc Held


    Co-Founder and CEO

    ["Marc Held","Fishtail.ai","Co-Founder and CEO"]
  • Kyle Henderson


    CEO and Co-Founder

    ["Kyle Henderson","Vizion","CEO and Co-Founder"]
  • Markus Johannssen

    Kuehne + Nagel (AG & Co) KG

    Senior Vice President, Global Seafreight

    ["Markus Johannssen","Kuehne + Nagel (AG & Co) KG","Senior Vice President, Global Seafreight"]
  • Ardes Johnson

    Meyer Burger Americas

    President & General Manger

    ["Ardes Johnson","Meyer Burger Americas","President & General Manger"]
  • Eric Johnson

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Technology, Journal of Commerce

    ["Eric Johnson","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Technology, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Simon Kaye

    Jaguar Freight Services


    ["Simon Kaye","Jaguar Freight Services","CEO/Founder"]
  • Kellie Kemock

    Ernst & Young


    ["Kellie Kemock","Ernst & Young","Manager"]
  • Robert Khachatryan

    Freight Right


    ["Robert Khachatryan","Freight Right","CEO"]
  • Michelle King

    Mainfreight Air & Ocean

    Global Business Solutions Manager

    ["Michelle King","Mainfreight Air & Ocean","Global Business Solutions Manager"]
  • Janan Knust


    Founder and CEO

    ["Janan Knust","KLog","Founder and CEO"]
  • Krenar Komoni


    Founder and CEO

    ["Krenar Komoni","Tive","Founder and CEO"]
  • Kris Kosmala

    Click & Connect


    ["Kris Kosmala","Click & Connect","Partner"]
  • Jonas Krumland



    ["Jonas Krumland","Logward","CEO","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Carl Lauron


    Founder and CEO

    ["Carl Lauron","BuyCo","Founder and CEO"]
  • Shabsie Levy


    Founder and CEO

    ["Shabsie Levy","Shifl","Founder and CEO"]
  • Carl Marchese

    MatchBox Exchange (MB)

    Founder and Managing Director

    ["Carl Marchese","MatchBox Exchange (MB)","Founder and Managing Director"]
  • Charles Marrale



    ["Charles Marrale","ExFreight","CEO","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Jim McCullen

    Century Supply Chain Solutions

    Chief Information Officer

    ["Jim McCullen","Century Supply Chain Solutions","Chief Information Officer"]
  • Amy Morgan

    Altana Technologies

    Vice President, Head of Trade Compliance

    ["Amy Morgan","Altana Technologies","Vice President, Head of Trade Compliance"]
  • Cathy Morrow Roberson

    S&P Global

    Analyst, Journal of Commerce

    ["Cathy Morrow Roberson","S&P Global","Analyst, Journal of Commerce","S&P Global"]
  • John Motley


    CEO and Founder

    ["John Motley","LOG-NET","CEO and Founder","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Caitlin Murphy

    Global Gateway Logistics

    Founder and CEO

    ["Caitlin Murphy","Global Gateway Logistics","Founder and CEO"]
  • Graham Parker

    Gravity Supply Chain Solutions


    ["Graham Parker","Gravity Supply Chain Solutions","CEO","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Holly Pearce

    C+D Technologies and Trojan Battery Company

    Director-Materials and Logistics

    ["Holly Pearce","C+D Technologies and Trojan Battery Company","Director-Materials and Logistics","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Peter Pernebo

    S&P Global

    Global Head of Third Party Risk Solutions

    ["Peter Pernebo","S&P Global","Global Head of Third Party Risk Solutions"]
  • Robert Petti

    Prompt Global

    Founder and CEO

    ["Robert Petti","Prompt Global","Founder and CEO","Keynote Speaker"]
  • Audrey Ross

    Orchard Custom Beauty

    Import & Export Compliance Manager

    ["Audrey Ross","Orchard Custom Beauty","Import & Export Compliance Manager"]
  • Tim Sensenig


    Chairman & CEO

    ["Tim Sensenig","TMSfirst","Chairman & CEO"]
  • Manish Singh


    Co-Founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer

    ["Manish Singh","MatchLog","Co-Founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer"]
  • Kevin N. Speers


    CEO and Co-Founder

    ["Kevin N. Speers","Splice","CEO and Co-Founder"]
  • Mark Szakonyi

    S&P Global

    Executive Editor, Journal of Commerce

    ["Mark Szakonyi","S&P Global","Executive Editor, Journal of Commerce"]
  • Peter Tirschwell

    S&P Global

    Vice President-Shipping Intelligence

    ["Peter Tirschwell","S&P Global","Vice President-Shipping Intelligence"]
  • Brendan Tompkins

    Port Technology Services

    Chief Technology Officer and Founder

    ["Brendan Tompkins","Port Technology Services","Chief Technology Officer and Founder"]
  • John Trestrail

    Newell Brands Inc.

    Director, Supply Chain Design

    ["John Trestrail","Newell Brands Inc.","Director, Supply Chain Design"]
  • Stefan Viehmann

    Kuehne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG

    Senior Vice President, Global Customer Solutions

    ["Stefan Viehmann","Kuehne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG","Senior Vice President, Global Customer Solutions"]
  • Raghav Viswanathan


    Founder & CEO

    ["Raghav Viswanathan","Freightify","Founder & CEO","Keynote Speaker"]
  • April Zobel

    The Andersons Inc.

    Profit Center Manager, Export Container

    ["April Zobel","The Andersons Inc.","Profit Center Manager, Export Container"]